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Canadian Immigration Made Simple

Lina Aspri, is an Immigration Consultant for near 20 years. She is a member of The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and recognized on the Registre Québécois des consultants en immigration.

Personalized Immigration

For Lina Aspri, each case is unique. It will be studied with precision accordingly with the Agreement that was signed.  She will give you some advise after having analysed your file with respect to the Canadian Immigration authorities.
Lina Aspri will keep updated about your file.

Consultante en Immigration Lina Aspri handles everything related to:

Temporary Visa

Student Permits

Family Sponsorship

Immigration Quebec (Programme de l’experience québécoise et Gens d’Affaires)

Citizenship Application

Other Immigration Queries


We Quickly Answer Your Questions

With Consultante en Immigration Lina Aspri, you will not have to dread the mountain of paperwork and sometimes hard to understand information related to your immigration application. Lina Aspri will guide you every step of the way, and explain the entire process to you for your peace of mind. Look forward to the future with a fast and reliable immigration service!

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Talk to Consultante en Immigration Lina Aspri today to sponsor your family to come to Canada!

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